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Valseco S.L. was established in 1994 as a company dedicated to the implementation of agricultural projects. From the beginning, the main purpose of its activity has been the development of agriculture with a view to building an advanced, sustainable and high quality agricultural company.

Focussing on agro-economic consultancy services, we prepare farming projects in relation to ligneous species (chiefly olives, pistachio and paulownia), fertilizer and phytosanitary supplies, as well as the production of controlled quality food and agricultural products (oil and dry fruits). We also provide a highly-developed game service dedicated to repopulating farms managed by the company as well as customers' hunting preserves.

Over the years, Valseco has expanded its business and customer portfolios, establishing three companies with different business unit:

  • > Agrícola Valdehorsa, S.L., dedicated to state-of-the-art farming
  • > Servitec Agro, S.L., which specialises in game services and in the breeding of red-legged partridges.
  • > Valseco, S.L., consultancy services on food and agriculture, nurseries, farming supplies, complete projects and agricultural consulting.

We also provide our customers with all the information they require, based on a plan specifically designed for their needs, to manage the possibilities of their own farms with a view to obtaining maximum yields.


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