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Valseco has an agricultural consulting division whose key purpose is to help companies to find the best alternative and the best project.

Valseco provides tailor-made solutions for each customer. Aware of the fact that we are dealing with a demanding and professional market, at Valseco we manage and implement integral agricultural and environmental projects. We employ experts who study each case and apply the most appropriate and innovative techniques to each situation, as well as maintaining a professional relationship with customers with a view to providing advice and to monitoring the project.

Projects are based on a simple but effective structure, making Valseco one of the safest options in the sector. First of all, we perform an in-depth study of the farm and offer advice on any type of improvement that can be undertaken. Once the problem or the areas where improvements can be made has been diagnosed, Valseco will then perform a project feasibility study and design a customised action plan. Once accepted by the customer, our technical team will perform the necessary tasks for its implementation.

Once of the most highly valued aspects is our experience and especially our technology for installing irrigation and crop protocols.

As the final element of the project, we offer our customers a maintenance contract based on a monthly fee to ensure and guarantee the correct implementation and operation of the measures taken.

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