extra virgin olive oil


We produce a type of oil with apersonality of its own, fruity, aromatic, slightly bitter and spicy,an essential element in the Mediterraneandiet, which is the result of a permanent selection process.

We use an olive grovecontrolled production protocol certified by GRUPOTEC which enables us,by means of traceability features, to monitor each process from the crop stageto the distribution of the end product, including a demanding productionprocess in the olive-oil mill and strict end product control applying qualitymanagement systems based on UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000.

Our preference for certifiedproduction systems is based on quality and respect for the environment as weconsider these are key aspects that must be considered in long term competitiveagriculture and that enable us to offer healthy products that alsorespond to the expectations of the most demanding consumers and agenuine experience on what a healthy and balanced diet should be.

This enables us to obtain naturalfresh olive oil of an excellent quality and with the highest food safetystandards.

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