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For 17 years our interest in pistachio has grown, from the production of the plant in our nurseries to its introduction as a new and profitable crop. This has led us to a thorough investigation of the many characteristics and advantages of the crop.Given the difficulties of implementing and managing any new crop with a significant technological development, VALSECO presents the pistachio project as an integral package based on its professional experience (feasibility study, implementation, management, monitoring, etc.).The final product of the project is a natural fruit of a characteristic green color and a unique morphology that makes it the only dry fruit that does not need to be peeled to roast and salted. Its excellent taste and high nutritional value, rich in protein, vitamins, fiber and minerals, and without cholesterol, perfectly adapts to the demands of the new culinary cultures of our generation.The different alternatives of use, presentation and consumption make its cultivation and production a very interesting activity due to the good economic and commercial prospects that it offers, which justifies our strong commitment.In 2009, we began harvesting our first crops with great success in terms of quality and mechanization of the crop.In 2010 VALSECO presented its own brand BONPISTACHO.At present the company has Plantations in full production that are referent in Spain with productions of + 3 tm per hectare of commercial pistachio.

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